With 3 generations of experience in jewellery design and manufacturing, V.A.K carries on a family legacy. It takes inspiration from a multitude of sources - natural forms, art deco designs, ancient cultures and many other sources.

Vishal Kothari’s unique designs leverage the best of Indian handicrafts with contemporary flourishes. Each piece is conceptualised with passion and uses only the best stones that are handpicked keeping in mind the final design.

As a graduate of New York’s Gemological Institute of America and having worked around jewellery and diamonds all his life, Kothari is steeped in the knowledge and creativity needed to construct singular pieces, that dazzle. 

The inspiration for the jewels comes from art deco, art nouveau, Mughal period, nature, antique architecture and Indian handicrafts but the making is modern and contemporary.

Vishal is always pushing boundaries and creating new genres in jewellery making. Each piece is a one-off bespoke creation, never to be repeated.

Their signature tremblant diamond petals and floating diamond petals is one of the key developments in jewellery engineering where the diamonds are almost metalless and give the feel to the wearer that the diamonds are literally floating and imitate nature brilliantly.

Journalists, critics and jewellery influencers have been very impressed with this creative development in high jewellery. Vishal believe high jewellery can be very creative and yet wearable.

His vision is to make high jewellery as wearable art. Collectors and art lovers do not need to hang their art on walls or keep them in shelves they can wear it and take it wherever they like.